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Proprietary liquid additive injection process

  • Up to five additives injected on the fly to the base slurry
  • Real-time monitoring and recording
  • Automated system adjusts additives as per specified schedule
  • Cements optimized to formation and regulatory requirements
  • Improved response time to call-out and reduced location footprint
  • Reduced wait on cement time
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True Dual Cement Services

  • Industry first full back-up on critical systems:
    • Downhole, liquid additive and centrifugal pumps
    • Hydraulic, electrical and monitoring systems
    • Over-pressure protection
    • Plug drop indicators
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Advanced lab with complete suite of testing equipment

  • Thickening time (HPHT)
  • Compressive strength (destructive and ultrasonic)
  • Static gel strength development (HPHT)
  • Fluid loss, settling, free water
  • Rheologies (automated and manual)
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Premium cement design software

  • ECDs and downhole hydraulic calculations
  • Estimated temperatures throughout job
  • Centralizer placement
  • Three dimensional displacement analysis

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ALTCem Resource Management System (ARMS)

Fully integrated cloud-based data management system designed to ensure accurate reporting and invoicing.

  • Proprietary system developed by ALTCem specifically for oil and gas well cementing
  • Stores, sorts and queries all data associated with lab testing, proposals, jobs and invoicing
  • Generates customized reports to meet customer specific requests