True Dual Cement Pump Units

  • Two 600 HHP pumps per unit, capable of 11,200 psi and 10.7 bpm
  • Two independent hydraulic packages with separate electrical systems
  • Two control panels/monitoring screens
  • Mechanical and computer controlled over-pressure kick-outs
  • Completely winterized
  • Canopy for reduced weather and sun exposure

Liquid Injection System with Coriolis Meter

  • Onboard liquid injection system with Coriolis flowmeters
  • Automated density control and liquid injection with manual overrides

Chemical and Iron Units

  • Fully enclosed trailers ensure equipment is warm and ready to be deployed upon arrival to location

Oilfield Tractors

  • Fully automated transmissions with creep mode and hill-hold resulting in superior low-speed maneuverability on location
  • Smart gear selection and engine braking allow ALTCem drivers to stay more focused on the driving conditions
  • Triple-drive axles on pumps and full crosslocks/interlocks on all units ensures reaching location in harsh conditions
  • Setback front axle improves weight transfer and steering reducing road impact

Field Storage Bins

  • 1,600 cubic foot field storage bins utilize hydraulic lifts to avoid winch tractors

Other Equipment

  • True Dual cement heads with mechanical and wire tattle-tails; rated to up to 10,000 psi
  • 1502 (15,000 psi) steel lines and high pressure flexible lines dependent on application. Flexible lines reduce rig-up time and exposure