ALTCem Services

ALTCem’s innovative approach to oil and gas well cementing combines our proprietary chemical injection system and the True Dual Cementing System. The chemical injection system is fully automated and allows for completely customized cement blends that are optimized for downhole conditions. Unlike conventional dry blending, the ALTCem system monitors and records real-time blending information providing complete data on the blend pumped. True Dual is unique to ALTCem, resulting in fully backed-up equipment on cement jobs. Duplicate pumping, hydraulic, electrical, pressure kick-outs and monitoring systems reside on each cementing unit along with other backups including two tattle-tails on the plug containers. The overall result is superior customer service with reduced costs and waiting-on-cement time.

ALTCem focuses on customer service:

  • Reduced wait time on service arrival and cement set time
  • Optimized cement chemistry for each job
  • Minimized waste
  • Real-time data monitoring during entire cementing process including blending
  • Reduced chance of poor quality due to consistent mixture and precise chemical monitoring.